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e² Birthday Party – Wycombe and South Bucks


Looking for something different than the old run of the mill birthday party?

Why not have an unforgettable e² Young Engineers® e² Birthday?


Birthday Party Package 

Young Engineers e² Birthday Parties are specially created for fun!!!

Our LEGO® bricks birthday parties offer your child and other party guests the opportunity to build a fun customised LEGO® bricks model. Of course, once the model is built, they’ll enjoy playing with it even more. You can even choose one of the many models we provide or we pick one suited according to birthday childs age.

Each child receives our Young Engineers kit and instructions to build the model, so every guest will be able to build and play with his or her own LEGO® bricks model. (Please note that the children are not able to take away the built models home with them.)

Young Engineers specialises in producing special Legoday Birthday Party for your children aged between 5-11 years and group size of 16.


We offer 2 types of packages  :

Happy Bricks Birthday Party – 75  mins Party

  • £12 per child
  • Minimum 5  – Maximum 16

Happy Bricks birthday is a E² Birthday activity of building a motorised Lego model chosen by the child from the following lego worlds:

Fun World – Merry Go Round/Ferris Wheel

Sweet World – Conveyor Belt

Race Car World – Race Car

World of Crazy Tops – Spinning Top/Bulls Eye

In each of these worlds, the children experience a challenging and educational building experience, after which they can play with the models, and improve them as they see fit.

Please note the models can’t be taken away.

Includes a LegoDay Certificate for each child.

Games and Lego Build Birthday Party – 90 mins Party

  • £16 per child
  • Minimum 5 – Maximum 16

Included within Package 2 – Lego Party Games which run for around 45 mins, followed by 45 mins of building one of our custom motorised Lego model (please note that the model can’t be taken away) At the end of the party each child gets a Lego day certificate and a small Party Bag.

Party Bags for Package 2

Each party bag will have :

  • 1 Brick shaped sharpener
  • 1 Brick shaped eraser
  • 1 Activity colouring Book
  • 1 pack of Crayons
  • 3 light up bricks or 1 minifigure – (available from Jan onwards)

Build and take home Lego Birthday Party – 90 mins Party

  • £22 per child
  • Minimum 5 – Maximum 16

Included within Package  –   Lego Party Games which run for around 45 – 50 mins,  followed by each child building any one of the following Lego model of a Gymnast, Windmill or Merry go round (please note the model maybe in different colours) which can be taken home at the end of the party (see pic below) along with Lego day certificate. (Number of children attending the party need and model to be confirmed atleast 2 weeks before party date this is to ensure that all the parts are available and sets made)






To find out more about the break down of the party please get in touch via email :


We cover a 20 mile radius from post code HP11 1AA.

20 miles plus will be charged at 40p per mile plus parking charge if no parking is available at the venue.


If you are looking for a venue to host you childs birthday we have a list:

The Curzon Centre – Beaconsfield

Halzemere Memorial Hall – Hazlemere


For more information send an email to :



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