The e² Young Engineers Story

The inspiring story of e² Young Engineers starts with the experience of founder and managing director, Amir Asor. As a child with learning disabilities, Amir had a hard time in school and found that traditional teaching methods weren’t a good fit for him. Amir received little encouragement from his teachers, who did not think he would amount to very much.
Despite low expectations, Amir enrolled at The Open University of Israel, where he realized his potential, graduating with a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science. Determined to overcome his learning disability and thrive as a college student, Amir found that he was able to teach himself difficult concepts using a hands-on approach that was better suited to his learning style. Having accomplished the unthinkable, Amir was determined to make a difference in the lives of children by offering an alternative edutainment-based approach to learning maths, science and engineering.
In 2011, Amir, the student his teachers said would never amount to much, was awarded by Prince Charles with the Youth Business International Entrepreneur of The Year honor, highlighting the impact e² Young Engineers has made on individual students and their communities.
Today, e² Young Engineers is dedicated to sharing its unique method of edutainment across the globe. e² Young Engineers currently has over 20,000 students participating in their programs in over 20 countries and across five continents with more in development.
Currently e2 Young Engineers offers five programs for children from the age of 4-15 years of age.
Watch a short video of Amir demonstrating Centrifugal force

Amir Asor - Young Engineers